Who We Are

A global network of civil society actors that drives multi-stakeholder action and systemic change in the recognition, support, and protection of Indigenous, Land, and Environmental Defenders (ILEDs).

As a network, ALLIED is rooted in the recognition and importance of collective power as the main way to address violence against ILEDs. Power imbalances, corruption and discriminatory practices are at the heart of attacks against ILEDs. Networks that bring together community leaders, activists, lawyers, and funders in a trusted and secure way can help to counter these power imbalances.

Our Mission

ALLIED works to ensure that ILEDs are able to continue their critical work protecting their rights and the environment and the climate for future generations, free from violence and retaliation, and with the support and respect of governments, civil society, and the private sector.

We acknowledge that human rights and the environment are interlinked and that policies and plans that address environmental crises such as climate change, pollution, and deforestation must place human rights at the front and centre in order to be effective. ALLIED works to increase the understanding and implications of these realities.

Our Vision

ALLIED is building a global movement that connects grassroots and local ILEDs and supporters with their peers working at the national, regional and global levels. Our work breaks silos and facilitates understanding and dialogue between ILEDs, organisations and donors working on environment, human rights, climate, anti-corruption, development, and security, leading to more effective support for ILEDs.

connecting defenders

What sets us apart from other networks and initiatives