Amplifying Voices and Building Collective Strength for Defenders Worlwide

ALLIED is a global network of civil society actors that drives multi-stakeholder action and systemic change in the recognition, support, and protection of Indigenous, Land, and Environmental Defenders (ILEDs) worldwide.

We bring collective strength

We amplify the voices of Defenders

We build awareness and share knowledge

We deliver support

We challenge governments and businesses to act

ALLIED works to ensure that ILEDs are able to continue their critical work protecting their rights and the environment and the climate for future generations, free from violence and retaliation, and with the support and respect of governments, civil society, and the private sector.

Our Work

  • We collect, produce, and analyze data.
  • We identify support gaps and barriers and actively work to address them.
  • We expand the strategies and leverage points available to defenders to stop violence.

Throughout these processes, we enhance communication and referral pathways, fostering smoother information flows between defenders and supporters. We also prioritize building and strengthening capacities in both defenders and supporters, while concurrently establishing and facilitating safe spaces for meaningful dialogue and knowledge exchange.

Data Collection and Reporting

Law and Advocacy

Support and Solidarity

Featured Reports

Uncovering the Hidden Iceberg 2023

New ALLIED data – a combined dataset produced by a group of local, regional and global data collectors – uncovers the hidden iceberg of non-lethal attacks against Indigenous, land and environmental defenders1 (ILED), as well as their organizations and communities. 

A Crucial Gap 2023

The second edition of this landmark report highlights the limits of official reporting on the violence faced by defenders: ‘More than six years after Agenda 2030 was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, crucial gaps in state-reported data severely undermine our ability to monitor the situation of HRDs, particularly those protecting land, the environment and indigenous peoples’ rights.’

Supporting Environmental Human Rights Defenders

This report summarizes key findings of a two-year project in order to inform concrete steps to increase the impact of existing and future strategies to enhance the protection of Indigenous, Land and Environmental Defenders.